​How To Cut Your Workload Down By 50% WHILE Getting Better Results!

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Teaching acro is A LOT of work. It takes time to come up with lesson plans, time to find new things to do, and time to figure out how to teach and spot each trick! On top of it, we only have an hour a week with our acrobats, maybe two hours if you’re lucky.

How do you cut down your workload AND get better results from your acrobats?

Try implementing these three elements and watch your workload DECREASE and your students’ progress SOAR.

1. Have A Set Lesson Plan:

Create set lesson plans for all levels that you will use in your classes over and over again every year. This will ensure that the teachers at your studio are teaching the same things and will make sure that no time is being wasted teaching a new lesson plan! It won’t matter who is teaching your class- there will be consistency across the board!

2. Have A Set Technique Warm-Up:

Create set technique warm-ups for your acro classes so that you can streamline all of the strength and flexibility drills. You will be able to make sure your students are working consistently and meeting their goals! You will save time every week by simply turning on the music and letting your students do their warmup right away!

3. Implement Sticker Charts For Your Students:

You will be SO surprised how much your students will love having a sticker chart – even your senior students! Having a sticker chart shows your students where they are and what they need to work on while providing that extra bit of motivation. On top of it, every week your students will know exactly what they need to work on which will save time in class!

Once you have created your system, you now have time to TEACH YOUR SYSTEM and then WORK YOUR SYSTEM.

You will cut your workload in half and you will be pleasantly surprised by how much your students improve in your new streamlined system!

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