Acro Dance Teacher Certification and Studio Programing. 

You are a Studio Owner and a Dance Teacher. You’ve worked hard to build your studio to where it is today. You care about quality technique, systems that work, and making a difference in the lives of your students. You are starting to get ahold of your business, and you are ready to expand with a new Acro Dance Program.

Imagine all the benefits of adding an Acro Dance program to your studio

  • Additional monthly revenue
  • Better student retention
  • Better overall dancers
  • Great for gymnasts at your studio
  • Happy and excited students
  • More credibility for your studio
  • Acro dance certification for your teachers
  • Beautiful acro dance tricks to use in your choreography

We'll do the heavy lifting by showing you...

  • A roadmap for launching your program from scratch.
  • How to ensure you are getting high-quality results.
  • Ways to attract gymnasts to your studio.
  • How to setup your studio to make scheduling and signups effortless (even when age and ability differ).
  • Exactly what equipment you should invest in.
  • How to attract quality instructors.
  • How to certify your teachers in Acro Dance
  • A proven system for success at a fraction of the cost.

Your success using my signature program and process

Get more enrolments and increase your studio revenue with Acro! I’ve invested thousands of dollars and decades of experience into building my system, and now I’m offering you a chance to benefit from the time and investment I’ve made in building a world-class plug and play system that gets RESULTS!

Looking to benefit from the business of acro at your own studio? Look no further, I’ve done all the work for you!

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