AcroLIVE 2021

THE Online Conference For Acro Dance Teachers

You’re a professional committed to learning and improving your craft. You are wanting a Acro Dance Teachers’ conference to learn new things, meet and work with other teachers, and need some amazing Acro Dance inspiration.

Your solution: AcroLIVE Online, THE FIRST annual online event hosted by the Acro Dance Teachers Association.

This conference is now complete – recordings are now available for purchase.

How to get rid of your “Teacher Burnout” problem from 2020!

Are you completely burnt out from all of the uncertainty from 2020? Are you done with the last 10 months of back and forth between Zoom and in studio classes? Do you need new inspiration and a fresh start and to kick things off right for 2021?

Come join us for AcroLIVE Online where we will breathe NEW life into your classes, connect with each other, and get inspired and excited for what’s up and coming for 2021! 

Ditch that 2020 teacher burnout once and for all, and come join us for a breath of fresh air at AcroLIVE Online! THE online conference for Acro Dance teachers and Studio owners.

Ready To Switch Things Up For 2021?

It’s time to switch things up and tackle your Acro classes and career from a brand new angle.

2021 is going to be a different game for our industry, and NOW is the time to get educated, get ready, and get aligned with the changes and rebound that is coming this year. 

Take the time to prepare for these changes by learning from the top players and thought leaders in our industry, as we DIVE DEEP into all of the exciting and different ways we will be re-thinking our classes and careers in 2021.

Come prepared with your pen, paper and yoga pants, and be ready to take a LOT of notes and move from your living room, because we are going to get MASSIVE focus and clarity for your big mindshift in 2021!

Check out this line up!

Day One: January 16th: 9am-2pm PST:

A Brand New direction and opportunities for your Acro program in 2021 

Presented by Melissa Klassen: President & Founder of The Acro Dance Teachers Association.

Set yourself up for success in 2021 with a crystal-clear vision for your dance year. Learn how to map our your season, expand into new revenue streams, and implement fresh components into your Acro program with ease. You will walk away from this seminar inspired, focused and motivated with a solid plan for your program for 2021!

How Acro instructors stay STRONG and INJURY FREE – the inside scoop 

Presented by Sally Benson: Personal Trainer For Dancers / Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology

This two-part workshop will teach you how to keep your body strong and injury free as an Acro teacher. In part one, fitness expert Sally Benson, will lead you through key tips to keeping your body healthy for years of successful and happy teaching. In part two, you will get to implement this new knowledge in a fun, interactive 30-minute physical workout class.

Your SECRET WEAPON to perfect Front and Side Aerials this year

Presented by Melissa Klassen: President & Founder of The Acro Dance Teachers Association

Deep dive into Side and Front Aerial Technique with master instructor Melissa Klassen. This workshop will be a breakdown of side and front Aerials, covering everything from teaching techniques, drills, common mistakes and how to fix them. Then take advantage of Melissa’s 25 years of experience with a live Q & A at the end.

How They Did It

Presented by Special Guest Studio Owners and Teachers from The ADTA Community

This seminar is a chance for you to hear directly from your peers! The panel is made up of Acro teachers, Studio Owners, and Entrepreneurs who have a passion for the business of Acro Dance. You will be so inspired to hear their stories of struggle to success, and will gain ideas and insight from their experiences that you can apply directly to your own career and life.


Day One:

January 16th: 9am-2pm PST

AcroLive Day Two:

January 17th: 9am-2pm PST

Preventing the most common Acro Dance injuries – protect your students to protect yourself

Presented by Amanda Hillman: Athletic Therapist, Health & Physical Education Degree, Master Acro Instructor & ADTA Faculty

As Acro instructors, we know common injuries can occur. This workshop will help you identify common injuries and how they can be prevented! Topics such as how to avoid: sore wrists, hyper extension, lower back pain, and long-term damage will be addressed.

The Acro Dance Competition Scene Revealed – what’s happening and what WE’RE doing

Presented by Lexy Cox: Creator of the world’s first Acro Dance Adjudicator Certification Online Program, ADTA Certifications Director

Ever wonder how the winners are chosen at competition? This workshop takes you behind the scenes to understand what judges are looking for on stage. Secret tricks of the trade revealed will give you and your dancers the best chance for a “Platinum” routine next season. Discussions about virtual events, moving our industry forward in the right direction, and the added bonus of how you can expand your career by working as an Adjudicator.

Insider Information: Trending Acro Tricks In 2021 you’ll want to know about

Presented by Katelyn Ettinger: CTRL Acrobatics, ADTA Faculty, Dance Attack Acro Convention

New, unique Acro tricks are taking the dance scene by storm! This workshop will give you a front row seat to what is trending right now in the Acro industry. In addition, Katelyn Ettinger will show you some innovative, achievable and safe variations that you can do in small spaces either in studio, or over zoom with your acrobats.

The secret to getting predictable results EVERY TIME and with ALL your students 

Presented by Melissa Klassen: Founder & President of The Acro Dance Teachers Association

Finish the weekend off with the ADTA Founder & President Melissa Klassen. As a Master Instructor, Gold Standard Acro Course Creator, and leader in the Acro Dance Community, she has devoted her whole career to helping Acro teachers just like you MASTER Acro Dance. This workshop will give you the tools you need to create a successful Acro Dance Program at your studio that generates predicable results every time. This workshop will finish with a live Q&A for you to ask questions and get feedback on your perfect Acro Dance program.

*Full Faculty Bios available on the ADTA Website https://www.acrodanceteachersassociation.com/faculty/

Day Two:

January 17th: 9am-2pm PST

Frequently Asked Questions

I couldn't attend live - can I still purchase the recordings?

Yes! Although the event has come and gone, recordings are now available for purchase. Get inspired, energized and motivated your own lifetime access to AcroLIVE Online 2021.

I follow a different acro syllabus / I'm not an ADTA Member - Will this be relevant for me?

Absolutely! This event is not syllabus-based even though it is run by the Acro Dance Teachers Association. We’re confident that you’ll take lots of info back to your classes regardless of the specific methodology you follow.

What if I can't make the conference live?

No problem! All workshops in the AcroLIVE Online course will be recorded and available for you to watch after the event is over.

When does AcroLIVE start and finish?

AcroLIVE Online takes place January 16th-17th, 2020 from 9am-2pm PST both days.

Come on live to interact with us during the event, or catch the replay if you aren’t available during the live event.

How do I log on and what should I bring?

You will be sent a Welcome Package and Zoom login information immediately upon registering.

Wear comfortable teacher athletic wear to allow for movement in certain classes.

I am a Studio Owner, can I sign up my teachers?

Yes! Several Studio Owners sign up their teachers for AcroLIVE Online. Anything that helps your Acro teacher with Acro class is great for the studio!

AcroLIVE Online is available for everyone, and attendeeds enjoy lifetime access to the workshops so that they can implement what they’ve learned over time in their classes.

Register now for the special early bird price! 

AcroLIVE Online


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Conference runs january 16th-17th, 2021
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