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If you’re tired of relying solely on teaching dance, and you’re ready to create new opportunities for your career and income, our certification course “Acro Dance Adjudicator” will show you exactly how to adjudicate Acro, step by step, and dance by dance.

We give you everything you need to reach your goals – templates, in depth trainings, sample adjudications and more so that you can finally expand your career into dance competitions with Acro adjudication certification!

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Get Certified As An Acro Dance Adjudicator

You are a dance educator who cares about judging that is fair, consistent and accurate.

And you always do your best to be the professional industry leader that you've become known for - and now is the time to expand your career.

But it can feel like a real uphill battle to break into Acro Adjudicating, when you don't have a background in Acro, you don't have the right resources, and you're not sure how  to judge it properly.

Not to mention, with the way things are going in the dance industry, and with how quickly trends are evolving at dance competitions ...

We understand how important it is for you to have access to correct Acro Dance information, so that you can maintain your position as an industry leader, who competitions can depend on, to be versatile in all genres, keep up with trends, and adjudicate effectively.

  • Our ADA course contributors are the best in the industry, and collectively have over 86 years of experience successfully adjudicating acro at competitions.
  • Over 92% of dance competitions offer acro as a genre, and will be looking to us to supply the most qualified acro adjudicators.
  • We have over 104 dance competitions and counting, that we will be supplying our worldwide ADA adjudicators’ roster to.

Finally, a standard has been created. It’s time to get educated, and raise the bar for Acro at dance competitions!

What’s Included In The Acro Dance Adjudicator Course?

  • The "ADA Adjudication Formula" 10-Step System" - so that you have the exact blueprint that you need for perfect Acro adjudications every time.
  • Helpful adjudication Checklists and Templates – so that you always have a bank of effective quick references on hand at competition.
  • The “Acro Tricks Family™” Library, so that you can learn what each trick is called, how to categorize them, and how to speak intelligently about each trick – regardless of whether or not you have a background in acrobatic dance.
  • Several sample Acro Dance competition adjudication recordings – so that you can watch and learn from professional adjudicators and judge Acro Dance in the real-world.
  • Weekly pre-recorded Coaching Calls – so that you can have timely answers to your questions, as you are progressing through the ADA course modules each week.
  • Social media memes and pictures – so that you have your own done-for-you marketing collateral to use, to advertise your Acro Dance Adjudicator credentials once certified.
  • The private Acro Dance Adjudicators Facebook group - so that you can have a connected group of like-minded adjudicators to support you.
  • Official Acro Dance Adjudicator certification.
  • BONUS: The "Next Level" adjudicators' training - exciting up and coming trending tricks to watch for this upcoming season.
  • BONUS: The "ADA Roster" - your free listing in our certified adjudicators database.
  • 24 months access to the ADA course, pre-recorded coaching calls, the community Facebook group, BONUS: ADA roster and BONUS Next Level training!

How Does Acro Dance Adjudicator Certification Work?

The Acro Dance Adjudicator (ADA) Certification course is a four-week online course.

This course is designed to be completed at a pace of one module per week for a total of 4 weeks. 

Participants may take longer or complete quicker if they wish - all content is available immediately. Each module content takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

At the end of the course, participants will be given a sample Acro Dance competition routine to voice over and submit for evaluation. Upon approval from the Certifications Director, participants obtain their official ADA certification, and may advertise their credentials as such.

Once certified, adjudicators get FREE access to the Adjudicator Roster and get to advertise their credentials, name, headshot and bio. This is your web page on the ADTA website, and is actively promoted to dance competitions worldwide!

Acro Dance Adjudicators maintain lifetime access to the course content, Facebook group community, and the Adjudicator Roster with NO ADDITIONAL FEES OR DUES!

So, how do you get started? That's easy:

1.) Register for the Acro Dance Adjudicator Course.

2.) Complete the 4 course modules.

3.) Submit a voice over adjudication to complete your certification.

4.) Become a certified Acro Dance Adjudicator, and be able to book more competitions as a qualified industry leader.

Go from feeling frustrated from a lack knowledge, to having soaring confidence and piece of mind, knowing that you will always be ahead of the curve - with the Acro Dance Adjudicator Course, Community and Roster.

*Pre-Requisite: Participants must be either a dance: Teacher, Educator or Adjudicator, and a minimum of 18 years old. No Acro Teaching experience is necessary.

Bonus: The Next Level Adjudicators' Training and ADA Roster!

Always stay ahead of the curve with the "Next Level Roster” membership, so that you have your own free personal web page on our site, and annual training on what’s new and trending in the Acro Dance industry.

Rhonda Roberts: 

Professional Dancer and Personal Trainer

How this professional dancer with no Acro background is increasing her freelance services, while helping the next generation of dancers with her years of experience ...

Maria Cavazzon: Educational Assistant and Dance Teacher

Enroll now for just $697 $497

How a dance teacher of 30 years decided to be a part of the solution for bringing thoughtful and accurate scores to the Acro industry ...


Your Money Back Guarantee!

Reach out to us within 3 days if you aren’t completely satisfied and we’ll issue you a refund. You really CAN'T go wrong here!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the online course start and finish?

This is a self-paced, four-week online course. It is available immediately, and is over once you complete it.

Do I have to pay annual fees? And what about revisions to the course?

Acro Dance Adjudicators maintain lifetime access to the course content, the Facebook group community, and the Next Level Roster and Membership with no additional fees or dues.

What is the "Next Level Training"?

The "Next Level" course is an additional, bonus training for adjudicators of what is trending in Acro Dance.

It includes trending tricks, contortion and circus elements that you may see some advanced students performing at dance competitions and is a complimentary, additional training above and beyond the Acro Dance Adjudicator certification course.

The "Next Level Training"bonus is unlocked upon completion of your certification.

What is the "ADA Roster"?

The ADA Roster, is a FREE adjudicators roster on the Acro Dance Teachers Association website. It is designed to give you free advertising of your certification credentials and includes all of the genres, including Acro Dance, that you are qualified to judge, your name, headshot and bio.

Certified members each have their own page on the ADTA website, and will be actively promoted to dance competitions worldwide.

You will be added to the "ADA Roster" upon completion of your certification.

How do I complete my ADA certification?

To complete certification, participants submit a voice over adjudication, using all of the skills learned in the course, to a sample competition piece provided.

Complete instructions and samples are included inside of the course.

What if I don't complete the sample adjudication

Completing the sample adjudication will grant official ADA certification, and will allow participants to be added to the ADA roster.

Participants are not required to complete the certification process if they don't want to.

What's your refund policy?

We have a 3 Day Money-Back Guarantee if you aren't happy with your ADA course. Please email us at [email protected] if you are not completely satisfied and would like a refund on your tuition fee.

*Please note that fluctuations in exchange rates, and your bank's currency exchange fees, are out of our control. We are not responsible for any discrepancy in purchase vs. refund amount.

Is there a minimum age to take the course?

Yes, all adjudicators must be a minimum of age 18 at the time of registration. Teachers who register before they are 18 will not be granted ADA certification.

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