The Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance

There has never been a better time than NOW to try something new,
become an Acro Dance teacher, and get fit, flexible and paid while doing it!

Start your next chapter, and come join our mission,
to develop the next generation of young leaders in our world.

Because we are mentors, and Acro is our method.

And the Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance,
will be like your Master’s Degree, for learning how to teach Acro
and create something amazing for our kids.

Are you ready to switch things up and dive into your next chapter?

Imagine sinking your teeth into building something amazing, getting into the best shape of your life, and getting paid really well to do it.

To feel strong, flexible, and confident every day, with a unique new career as a professional Acro Dance teacher.

Maybe it’s the perfect change of pace right now, especially after wondering for the past few months what your next act would be. To feel alive and excited again, learn how to teach tricks, and put it all together in choreography to showcase your students and their work.

Becoming an Acro Dance teacher might just be the perfect pivot for you right now.

Learn How To Teach Acro Dance On Your Own Time From The Comfort Of Your Own Home & Studio

This online training and certification program is also great if travel expenses and a busy schedule are preventing you from certifying in-person, or if the thought of learning 3+ years of student work in a weekend workshop feels overwhelming right now.

Have the flexibility of watching and re-watching training tutorials on your own time and at your own pace, and benefit from having a team of faculty and classmates to support you, as you learn Acro throughout the dance year.

    Melissa Klassen
    Founder and President
    Acro Dance Teachers Association

    You’re Excited To Learn How To Teach Acro Dance, but you have questions you need answered first

    And with so many things to consider, including what to teach and how to teach it when you don’t have a background in Acro Dance – you may be feeling too confused and too overwhelmed to even get started.

    This is just plain wrong, because no one should feel like they can’t learn how to teach and spot Acro Dance just because they’ve never done it before.

    Like you, we believe that Acro Teachers Training should be accessible for EVERYONE who wants to learn it, regardless of their background or experience.

    Don’t miss out on your perfect pivot just because this is all new to you.

    Learn how to become an amazing Acro Dance teacher the RIGHT way, by taking your time and learning it properly, with a team of experts to guide you.

    Over 1500 teachers have successfully gone through the Program and are now professional Acro Dance teachers. Other results include …

    • More than 20,000 students worldwide are getting results from our program, and it is used at dance studios in 15 countries around the world.
    • Our method and systems have been perfected and refined over the past 11 years, and are a proven process to getting results with every student.
    • We have systems, syllabus and Teacher Training for all ages and abilities of Acro Dance to choose from: from Toddlers to Professional Acrobats. 

    • It is very much a replicable system that you can apply, as proven by our teachers.


    The Premiere comprehensive program for acro dance:


    Are you ready start your next chapter, make a big move, and pivot your career into Acro Dance?

    This fifteen-part online program is a unique system that will walk you through every step of how to teach and run an Acro Dance program, so that you never feel overwhelmed, lost or stuck.

    The Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance is how you’ll expand your knowledge, skills, and experience as an Acro teacher, into a career that matters.

    You have a unique gift to share, with wisdom to impart, to guide young students and make an impact in their lives.

    This program is extremely effective because you LEARN the system and syllabus WHILE you are implementing the program with your students in class.

    Learn from your ADTA faculty at home online, then implement what you’re learning inside your Acro classroom each week.


    What’s Included In The Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance?

    Absolutely everything you need to start and scale an Acro Dance program that is safe and effective, gets predictable results, ensures you are well-trained and qualified, and that your students are well taken care of.

    This program covers all ages and abilities of Acro Dance syllabus and teacher training and is a COMPLETE turn-key system of everything you will ever need for you and your Acro Dance program.

      Over $10,000 worth of comprehensive programming!

      See What’s included:

      The KinderAcro Studio Program 

      Student Curriculum For Three Separate Divisions:

      • The Toddler Division: ages 18 months – 3 years old (15 min lessons: assisted)
      • The Preschooler Division: ages 3-5 years old (15 min lessons: non-assisted)
      • The Pre-Junior Division: ages 5-6 years old (45 or 60 min lessons: non-assisted)

        15-minute Add On’s For Your Current Combination Classes.

          Here’s What’s included:

          • Video Tutorials that explain how to teach and spot all items in the curriculum.
          • 26 detailed lesson plans (8 for Toddlers, 8 for Preschoolers, and 10 for Pre-Juniors) that teachers can print off and use directly in the studio.
          • Comprehensive KinderAcro Instructor’s Manual.
          • 32 cute, full-color illustrations to print off and use in the studio to clearly define your Toddler and Preschooler circuits.
          • Downloadable Student Certificates for your KinderAcro graduates (make students feel proud and help parents understand that their children are working through a set and proven system).
          • Made-for-you downloadable marketing materials to help promote your KinderAcro Program.

          The Junior Syllabus 

          The First Three Years of Curriculum For Students Ages 7 and Up

          Here’s What’s Included:

          • The Junior Studio System: an introductory training to get your Acro program set up properly before you begin classes: class structure, student to teacher ratio, equipment you need, preparing for beginner Acro.
          • The Junior Syllabus: (3+ years of student work) with detailed technique and spotting video tutorials.
          • The Junior Textbook: with written descriptions and corresponding full colour photos.
          • Monthly Classroom Lesson Plans: to print off and implement directly into your classes.
          • Monthly Teachers Training Modules: to explain the lesson plans in detail.
          • Junior Student Progress Charts: to track and celebrate your students’ milestones.

          The Intermediate Syllabus

          Three Years of Curriculum For Students That Have Completed The Junior Syllabus

          Here’s What’s Included:

          • The Intermediate Studio System: an in-depth training of Intermediate theory, student body types in Acro, introducing a competitive Acro team, and expanding your program with complimentary programming.
          • The Intermediate Syllabus: (3 years of student work) with detailed technique and spotting video tutorials.
          • The Intermediate Textbook: with written descriptions with corresponding full colour photos.
          • Monthly Classroom Lesson Plans: to print off and implement directly into your classes.
          • Monthly Teachers Training Modules: to explain the lesson plans in detail.
          • Intermediate Student Progress Charts: to track and celebrate your students’ milestones.

            The Advanced Syllabus

            Three Years of Curriculum For Students That Have Completed The Intermediate Syllabus

            Here’s What’s Included:

            • The Advanced Studio System: a deep dive into mental game strategies for high-level athletes, yearly “peak planning”, working with advanced senior male acrobats.
            • The Advanced Syllabus: (3 years of student work) with detailed technique and spotting video tutorials.
            • The Advanced Textbook: with written descriptions (including the Senior Male Acrobat) with corresponding full colour photos.
            • Monthly Classroom Lesson Plans: to print off and implement directly into your classes.
            • Monthly Teachers Training Modules: to explain the lesson plans in detail.
            • Advanced Student Progress Charts: to track and celebrate your students’ milestones.

              The Senior Male Acrobat

              A Specialized Skill Set For The Senior Male Acrobat

              Here’s What’s Included:

              • The Specialized Skill Set For The Senior Male Acrobat: video tutorials for teaching and spotting your senior boys.
              • The Senior Male Acrobat Textbook: inside the Advanced syllabus textbook, with written, detailed descriptions.
              • The Senior Male Student Progress Chart: inside the Advanced syllabus progress chart, to track and celebrate your senior boys’ milestones.
              • How To Teach Senior Male Acrobats: video training about the differences between young male and female acrobats, and how to develop the masculinity of your senior boys.

                The Acro Dance Testing Day Bundle

                Your “In Studio” Acro Dance Exams Kit

                Here’s what’s included:

                • Everything you need, to be able to successfully conduct your OWN annual Acro Testing/Exam Day.
                • The “Teachers Handbook” so that you have instructions and curriculum for preparing your students for their testing day.
                • “Report Cards” for your Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced examinations.
                • “How To Conduct Your Testing Day” instructions for you to follow, so that you can either conduct your tests/exams yourself or or hire a local Acro teacher to conduct them for you.
                • Certificates in Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions for your students.

                The Associate Teacher Training Program

                A certificate program for you to train your assistant teachers

                Here’s What’s Included:

                • A One-day curriculum that you can use to train your student assistant Acro teachers, so that you have professional well-trained assistants for class.
                • Includes video modules to watch with your assistants, so that you can “watch and learn”, then practice teaching and spotting, in the comfort of your own studio.
                • Includes a Certificate Of Completion, so that your student assistants go through an official training day and feel ready and confident to assist in a class.
                • Important information for new Acro teachers hired to work at your studio, so that you can streamline new hires to learn the system at your studio, to maintain the consistency of your Acro Dance Program

                  The Acro Dance Adjudicator Program

                  Become An Acro Dance Adjudicator

                  Here’s What’s Included:

                  • Learn how to become a professional Acro Dance Adjudicator, so that you have the “playbook” for what adjudicators are looking for in a winning routine.
                  • Gain official “ADA” certification, so that you can pursue a professional adjudicating carreer (Coaching/Certification option only)
                  • Learn what’s “up and coming” in the competition industry this year, with the “Next Level” ADA Bonus section of Trending Tricks and Aerial Acrobatics.

                    How Does teachers certification work?

                    There are three divisions of teacher’s certification: Junior, Intermediate and Advanced.

                    Each division of teacher’s certification is a practical-based, online certification program.

                    Certifying teachers must have an “implementation class” to practice with.

                    Throughout the year, teachers submit video of themselves teaching and spotting each trick to the ADTA official evaluator.

                    Timely feedback is given, and teachers can apply corrections, where needed, throughout the year.

                    Certification in each division is granted once all video submissions are approved. For example: Once all tricks in the Junior program have been submitted, critiqued and approved, official ADTA “Junior” certification will be granted. This is the same certification process for the Intermediate and Advanced divisions.

                    When You Join The Premiere Coaching & Certification Program

                    You’ll get incredible support and community

                    Live Group Coaching Calls

                    The ADTA holds twice-per-month coaching calls 12 months of the year, with breaks over holidays.

                    We’ll answer your questions and give you help fast, and clarify anything that is holding you back.

                    Individual Feedback For Every Trick

                    Receive individualized feedback for every syllabus trick you submit for your certification.

                    You’ll receive timely feedback so that you can rest assured knowing that you are teaching and spotting tricks properly.

                    The Facebook group online class

                    You’ll have access to everyone else in the program (including Melissa Klassen and the faculty) via a private group.

                    Get feedback on your classes, network with new teacher friends, and get your questions answered quickly.

                    BONUS: Pandemic-Proof Your Acro Dance Program

                    Unique times make for unique opportunities…

                    Let’s face it, some people are going to make it out of the pandemic very successfully, and unfortunately, there will be some studios that have to close down.

                    And the people that have the right systems and protocols in place, will be the ones that THRIVE during this time, because they will be able to fill in the gap.

                    Having a complete system in place for your Acro Dance program means that you will be aligned and ready, so that you can take on all of these new students, and seamlessly transition them from the Acro Dance they were getting, into your “ready to go program”.

                    In this exclusive online training, you’ll learn how to start, sustain and maintain your Acro Dance program, so that your students and parents are happy, and YOU can still make meaningful progress in class … REGARDLESS of whether or not Covid has you teaching in-studio or online.

                    BONUS: “The Aerials Done Right” Online COURSE

                    Learn how to teach Aerials to your students with the “Aerials Done Right” course so that you have the FORMULA for how to teach Aerials the right way.

                    You're Ready to take your acro dance teaching career to the next level.

                    The only question is, which path will you take?

                    Paid-In-Full Bonus:

                    Acro LIVE In Toronto: 3-day Conference

                    Video Bundle (digital download)

                    This bundle includes all of the workshops from our most recent three-day in-person conference and includes the following workshops:

                    Day 1: Spotting Clinic:

                    • All About Walkovers and Tinsicas: spotting and variations
                    • Side Aerials and Front Aerials:  spotting, and variations
                    • Building out Advanced Tumbling Lines: Round offs, Back Handsprings, Back Tuck, Pike, Layouts.

                    Day 2: Workshops:

                    • Body-Prep Dance Foundations, Psycho-analysing Aerials and Back Handsprings
                    • The Perfect Acro Program At Your Studio
                    • What’s Safe and What Isn’t in Acro
                    • Acro For Your Recreational Teens

                    Day 3: MOVEMENT CLASSES:

                    • Teachers’ Acro Warm-Up
                    • Teachers’ Acro Dance Choreography Class
                    • Working With Props
                    • Trick Variations, Entries and Exits

                    Get this ACRO LIVE VIDEO Training bundle for FREE as a BONUS when you pay in full.

                    You Can Do This Even If You Are Busy

                    “I don’t have time”

                    Learning from experienced Acro Dance Professionals is the best way to leverage your time. Yes, it takes time and effort to learn how to be a good Acro Dance teacher. But then you can leverage your education for years to come, and get the highest return on investment possible!

                    “I never took Acro as a student”

                    We take teaching you how to become a proficient Acro teacher VERY seriously. This program is absolutely appropriate for beginners. Not only that, we will continue to work with you as you progress through all of the levels. When you join the ADTA, we teach you EVERYTHING you want to learn – from beginner through advanced. No experience is necessary when you join.

                    “I don’t have the money”

                    When you invest in your education you are investing in your career. And when you become qualified to teach Acro Dance, and own the system and program to run it, you are able to expand your career, you are worth more, and you can start delving into the broader Acro and Dance industry as an entrepreneur or freelancer.

                    So, how do you get started?

                    That’s easy:

                    Step #1:

                    Sign up for the Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance, and start making plans to put together a beginner “Implementation Class”. 

                    Step #2:

                    Join the online members’ group, introduce yourself, then attend the “Orientation Call” to get all set up.

                    Step #3:

                    Begin the Premiere Program with your “Implementation “Class as soon as you’re ready, and watch your Acro Dance program start to take shape!

                    Ready to transform from being uninspired and stuck with what to do next, to making Acro Dance your exciting next chapter?  

                    Join the Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance today!

                    What makes The Premiere Program different than anything else out there?

                    I know you, and I see you – and I’m right there with you:

                    • You don’t have a lot of time, so we only give you the best strategies, and won’t waste your time with anything not essential. If it doesn’t maximize your results, it’s not in the program.
                    • You don’t want to waste money, which is why we don’t nickel and dime you with a bunch of different courses, certifications and apps. With the Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance, you get EVERYTHING you need for one price with no additional fees/dues.
                    • You don’t want to make costly technique mistakes that you’ll have to fix later. Every trick, drill and excercise in the program has been tested and proven over the past 25 years. This program works – period.
                    • This is not a “learn Acro in a weekend” course; this is a hands-on, long-term coaching program, and is only for professionals who are serious about learning Acro properly and safely.

                    Success stories from just a few of our members

                    Holly Rhode:

                    Dance Studio Owner and New Acro Teacher

                    After a change in career, Holly opened up her dance studio. She knew she needed Acro, and wanted to make sure it was set up safe and right. That’s when Holly was introduced to the Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance – and everything changed…

                    Kristin Messerli:

                    Fitness Enthusiast and Mom of 3

                    With a background in dance, gymnastics, cheer and fitness, Kristin was recruited by her daughter’s dance studio to start, run and manage their new Acro program.


                    Allison San Martin-Feeney:

                    Dance Teacher

                    She Didn’t Want Her Students To Be Left Behind: How Miss Allison Got Educated, Got Certified, and Seriously Upleveled Her Dancers By Adding In Acro Dance.

                    Laura Fleming:

                    Ballet Teacher & Studio Owner

                    With Time and Financial Commitments Involved – Miss Laura Needed To Make Sure That It Was Worth The Investment.


                    Alex Patrick:

                    Experienced Acro Teacher & Freelancer

                    With years of experience under her belt – Miss Alex is never done learning, and is always improving herself as an Acro Dance Teacher.

                    Lindsay Boychuk:

                    Dance Teacher & Studio Owner

                    How Miss Lindsay Quadrupled Her Students With The Help Of Her ADTA Acro Dance Program.

                    You're Ready to take your acro dance teaching career to the next level.

                    The only question is, which path will you take?

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    Is the Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance Teachers right for me?

                    This program is right for you if you are ready to dig in, do the work, and learn Acro Dance properly.

                    This is not a “learn Acro in a weekend” course; this is a hands-on, long-term coaching program, and is only for people who are serious about learning Acro properly and safely.

                    If you are looking for a quick certification fix, this program isn’t for you. However, if you’re ready to put in the work and learn acro the right way, you will gain massive results with this program, and you’ll set yourself up for a very successful career as an Acro Dance Professional.

                    This program is life-changing and is for committed applicants only.

                    What's the difference between "Self-Study" and "Coaching & Certification"?

                    “Coaching & Certification” is a guided program that includes: official certification in the Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Divisions, coaching calls every two weeks with ADTA faculty, the online certifying teachers community, a personal mentor, and the 15-part Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance. It is available with life-time access and no additional fees.

                    The “Self-Study Syllabus” is a self-led version of the Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance, and includes the syllabus, all teachers classroom materials, and teachers training modules.

                    Note: it does not include coaching, certification, or access to the online certification group. The Self-Study Syllabus is available as a 24 month subscription.

                    How Does Teachers Certification Work?

                    There are three divisions of teacher’s certification: Junior, Intermediate and Advanced.

                    Teacher’s certification is a hands on and  practical-based.

                    Certifying teachers must have an “implementation class” to learn how to teach and spot syllabus content.

                    Certification starts at the Junior division, then progresses into Intermediate, and finally into the Advanced level. Teachers certify one level at a time, unless approved to certify via the Fast Track method (the ability to skip the Junior and/or Intermediate levels of certification).

                    Teachers utilize the monthly classroom lesson plans and syllabus materials. They receive monthly teachers’ lessons, weekly coaching calls, and a personal mentor as they work through the certification course material.

                    Throughout the year, teachers are required to submit video of themselves teaching and spotting each trick to the ADTA official evaluator. Timely feedback is given, and teachers can apply corrections, where needed, throughout the year.

                    Junior certification is granted once all Junior trick videos have been submitted and marked. Teachers are then granted permission to certify in the Intermediate Division and then on to Advanced – all at their own pace, and in their own time.

                    How Does Acro Dance Adjudicator Certification Work?

                    In the Acro Dance Adjudicator program, aspiring adjudicators work through 6 modules to learn everything there is to know about adjudication in general and specifics to Acro Dance.

                    Members that are participating in Premiere Comprehensive: Coaching/Certification can pursue full ADA certification and gain access to the ADTA Adjudicators’ roster on the website.

                    The program is all inclusive, and will leave you feeling very well equiped to be an adjudicator in general, with a specific focus on Acro Dance.

                    In order to complete certification, adjudicators submit a sample adjudication voice over (supplied) for critique and official certification.

                    The Self-Study version does not include official ADA certification, but does include all of the same program materials, and is intended for educational use.

                    What If I Don't Complete All Levels Of Certification?

                    It is not a requirement to complete all levels of certification.

                    You have access to all of the content inside of the program and it is your choice if you would like to persue/complete official certification in all three levels – Junior, Intermediate and Advanced.

                    What Is The Fast Track Program?

                    The Fast Track Program is a way for experienced acro teachers to certify in more than one Division at a time.

                    In order to qualify, you must have at least five years experience as a teacher of Acro Dance/acrobatics (or seven years experience if you want to Fast-Track all the way through to the Advanced level), and you must be able to meet the ADTA Fast Track standards.

                    You must also have students training at the level(s) you wish to certify in.

                    To apply, email [email protected] with your resume (detailing your dance, Acro Dance, and acrobatics experience), and a reference letter(s) from your studio owner and/or studio clients.

                    Your resume and reference letter(s) are due within one week of your registration.

                    If I qualify to Fast Track, do I have to start at the Junior level?

                    Fast Tracking Teachers do not have to start at the Junior or Intermediate level, although they may if they want to.

                    Fast Tracking Teachers may start at the Intermediate and/or Advanced levels, but must include the following video submissions with their Intermediate and/or Advanced certification video submissions:

                    Intermediate additional submissions required:

                    • Junior Arc handstand
                    • Junior Bridge Recover
                    • Junior Open Cartwheel
                    • Junior Front Walkover
                    • Junior Back Walkover

                    Advanced additional submissions required:

                    • Junior Arc handstand
                    • Junior Bridge Recover
                    • Junior Open Cartwheel
                    • Junior Front Walkover
                    • Junior Back Walkover
                    • Intermediate Aide Aerial
                    • Intermediate Back Handspring

                    *Note: Skills must be done using the ADTA technique method for approval.

                    A detailed list of technique requirements will be presented to you inside each course.

                    Can I certify in the KinderAcro and Pre-Junior Divisions?

                    The KinderAcro and Pre-Junior divisions are the foundationary shapes and developmental work of Acro Dance.

                    There is no official certification in these levels. The focus is on laying the groundwork of Acro for the youngest dancers at your studio, and to get them excited about signing up for your full Junior program down the line.

                    Official certification starts at the Junior level.

                    Do I have to pay annual fees? And what about revisions to the program and syllabus?

                    Once a member, always a member! All members receive updates and revisions FREE of charge! 

                    No annual fees/dues are required.

                    Do you offer discounts for multiple teachers certifying from the same studio?

                    Additional teachers may certify from the same studio at a 50% off discount. Please reach out to us in the office for your coupon code: [email protected]

                    What if I pay for my teacher to get certified and she stops working for me?

                    If you are a studio owner who is purchasing the program for your teacher, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the program and her/his certification, and that the investment for your studio stays secure.

                    As an employer, you invest in your employee’s development and then at some point that employee will move on from your studio. So, working out a mutually beneficial arrangement is going to be best for both the teacher and owner.

                    Your teacher may complete her/his certification while at your studio, but leave your studio at some point. While your teacher leaves with her/his certification, if you purchased the program, it is yours to keep. Be sure to change your user name and password on your account if your teacher moves on.

                    (**Note: Not every teacher certifies all the way through to Advanced – but, she/he has the option to because it is included in the program.)

                    In this way, you can continue to run your ADTA Syllabus at your studio, but you may need to have your new teacher certified.

                    All additional teachers from the same studio receive a 50% off discount. Reach out to us in the office for your coupon code if/when you have additional teachers: [email protected]

                    Here are some suggestions to come together on a mutually beneficial agreement before you sponsor your teacher to get certified:

                    1.) Have your employee sign a contract that states the amount of time she/he is required to stay at your studio for, in exchange for certification being sponsored.

                    2.) Or, work out an arrangement where you and your employee split the cost of the certification. Be sure to create a contract outlining the details.

                    3.) Or, pay for your employee’s certification in exchange for her/him teaching the certification implementation class for free until the tuition fee amount is covered to ensure an equal investment in the program.

                    What's your refund policy?

                    We have a 7 Day refund policy if you aren’t happy with your Premier Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance.

                    Refund policy is null and void if any course materials have been downloaded.

                    Please email us at [email protected] if you require a refund on your tuition fee.

                    *Please note that fluctuations in exchange rates, and your bank’s currency exchange fees, are out of our control. We are not responsible for any discrepancy in purchase vs. refund amount.

                    Is there a minimum age to certify?

                    Yes, all teachers must be a minimum of age 18 at the time of registration. Teachers who register before they are 18 will not be granted ADTA certification.

                    You’re Ready To Take Your Acro Dance Teaching Career To The Next Level.
                    The Only Question Is, Which Path Will You Take?

                    The Self Study Syllabus


                    or 12 monthly
                    payments of 
                    price in USD

                    Coaching & Certification


                    Or 12 low monthly
                    payments of $320/month
                    price in USD