Dance Teacher Training

You are a Dance Teacher who wants to get certified in Acro.

You care about quality teaching and getting results. You’re also highly invested in your work AND your students, and want to make a difference in their lives.

But it can be a BIG challenge to teach acro when you’re not sure where to begin or of what to teach in class. It can also be nerve wracking taking on a new genre, especially when acro is SO DIFFERENT than dance, and your studio owner wants you to learn it fast!


  • Manage several different levels and ages in the same class and still make progress?
  • Deal with students who want to skip ahead to the big tricks before mastering the basics?
  • Be realistic with parents who think their kids are more advanced than they actually are?
  • Communicate what you need for your acro program with your studio owner?
  • Get it all done in a one-hour-per-week class AND still have time for a recital dance?
  • Stay ahead of your students, and on top of your OWN learning as an acro teacher?

I’m an Acro Teacher too!

I started off not knowing anything about true Acro Dance at the studio. I spent years figuring it all out, getting certifications, working with super teachers and dance studio owners to become an expert in Acro Dance in the studio.

I can help you avoid 10 years of learning curve and rookie mistakes, by teaching you my step-by-step process becoming an expert Acro teacher – I have dedicated the past 23 years of my career perfecting it.

We are meticulous about making sure you learn how to teach and spot Acro Dance properly. My ADTA support team is the BEST in the business. They are all handpicked AND trained by me, and will also be a KEY part of helping you become a WORLD CLASS Acro teacher.

Becoming an Acro instructor

I understand your situation.  After 23 years as an acro teacher, I’ve seen it all, I know what your classroom challenges are, and I’ve dealt with all of this too. 

When you get certify with the ADTA, not only do you get certified, but you:

  • Gain massive clarity and confidence.
  • Learn how to manage acro classes effectively.
  • Learn how to create a rock star program that gets results!

Come and join our world-wide network of the industries BEST trained Acro Dance Teachers.

Purchase Information

Ready to get started? Registration opens again this December 2nd-5th, 2019.

The JUNIOR Membership

Your JUNIOR level Studio Bundle + Teacher’s Certification 


Your INTERMEDIATE Studio Bundle + Teacher’s Certification

The ADVANCED Membership

Your ADVANCED level Studio Bundle + Teacher’s Certification 

The KinderAcro Studio Curriculum

Your Plug & Play system for KinderAcro at your studio: Ages 18 months – 6 years

The Acro 101 Beginner Session

Your first 12-week Session: 6 -12 years

Learn How To Manage It All In Acro Class!

Do you struggle with managing multiple ages and abilities in your acro classes, and making fast enough progress? You’re not alone—we are all struggling with this one! Click here for the free E-Guide: “How To Manage Multiple Ages and Abilities In An Acro Class” for all of our best tips!

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