You are a Dance educator who cares about doing things right

You care about quality teaching and getting amazing results safely.

You’re highly invested in your work, and you want to make sure that you get Acro Dance right.

But it can be a BIG challenge to teach Acro, especially when it seems so different from your other dance classes, you’re not sure what to teach or even where to begin? 

You know that the right Acro program is going to be good for you, great for the studio and amazing for your students, and NOW is the time to get it set up properly and working for you.

Acro dance studio systems and Teachers Certification

Option #1:
The Beginner Acro 101 Program

Are you looking to just ‘dip your toes in the water’, give Acro a try, and see if it’s right for you, your dancers and your studio?

The Beginner Acro 101 program is your 1st 12-week session of Acro Dance at your studio, and is designed for beginner Acro teachers and students.

This beginner program can also be used as a 12-week introductory session for new enrolments who just want to “try Acro” before they commit to a full-year program.

Option #2:
The “My Acro Vault” Program

For experienced Acro Dance teachers who need new ideas, direction, and inspiration – both in the classroom and in life.

The “My Acro Vault” program is a 12-part framework designed to freshen up classes, and help teachers expand their personal and professional development.

Explore new trick variations, transitions and drills, while working on your own professional development, by learning about time management, annual program planning, professional/personal branding, and how to choreograph for Acro Dance.

Option #3:
The “Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance”

From Preschool to Professional, this program is your doctorate degree for Acro Dance.

The Premiere program includes every age and ability of Acro Dance student syllabus, monthly lesson plans, video tutorials, printable downloads, and classroom teachers tools you’ll ever need.

There are two different options within the Premiere program: The Self Study option and the Coaching & Certification option. 

Get official certification or work at your own pace – there are options available for everyone no matter what your experience is.