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Sidney Scobie

Sidney Scobie (ADTA)

Certified ADTA Teacher: Junior

Testing Day Examiner: Junior

Sidney Scobie started her dance training at age 11, after training in gymnastics. She started competitively training in acro, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, ballet and pointe at the age of 14 and teaching acrobatic classes at 17. After graduating she continued her passion for dance on the Trent University Dance Team. On the team she choreographed and competed on the acro and lyrical/contemporary teams while also largely working with the Trent University recreational dance team, teaching hip hop, jazz, lyrical and contemporary. Throughout her dance training she has been able to work with several artists and Universal Studios. These opportunities have lead her to perform in music videos and live concerts. She is a committed teacher who continues to nurture her growth and abilities in order to educate her students.


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Ontario, Canada
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