Allie Morris


Allie has been competitively dancing since the age of 6 and have completed exams in ADAPT Jazz & R.A.D. Ballet. She has had the opportunity to attend many dance festivals and competitions performing in various styles of dance. She is an Associate Member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association, earning her designation in the Stage Division (Jazz).

Allie holds the honour of being Junior ADTA Certified and is currently working to complete her Intermediate ADTA Certification.

She has been teaching for over 10 years in Calgary. Teaching both recreation and competition levels of dance in all styles.

Allie’s overall goal as a dance teacher is to share “the love and passion of dance” by reaching all the students she can and igniting the passion within them while providing the safest and highest level of dance training possible. She values that ADTA shares this same passion and she has seen tremendous growth in her dancer’s strength and technique from the structure of the ADTA curriculum. 

Allie is also the Co-Owner of Stardom Dance Costumes!

She is very honored to be part of ADTA Colleague Mentorship Program as a Mentor as she was a mentee when completing her Junior Certification and was grateful for the help and direction she had from her mentor.

1. Acro Background: It was just starting to become a popular genre when I was graduating as a dancer and I always wished I could do the tricks so when I became a teacher in Acro it was fulfilling my childhood dream. 

2. Personal Motto: Sleep on it. Tomorrow’s a new day

3. Hidden Talent:  Event Planning

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