Courtney Odelein


Courtney began dancing at the age of three in her hometown of Quill Lake, Saskatchewan. Studying under RAD, ADAPT, CDTA, and NHDA. Miss Odelein is now a certified instructor with ADAPT, Acrodance Teacher Association, an ADTA Mentor teacher, Acrobatic Arts, Army of Sass and developer of Heels 101. She is also a proud member of the Professional Adjudicator’s Alliance (P.A.A.). With well over 10 years experience teaching and over 15 year as a professional dancer, her range of knowledge is very broad from ballet and contemporary, to jazz and tap, to acrobatics and hip hop and everything inbewteen!

She has had the honour of being apart of Annie Wood’s jazz/contemporary company Dare to Dance: Instincts, as well as, living in both Vancouver and Toronto dancing and training with many companies and programs. Her guest teaching spots include Dark Dance Company, Broadway Bound International and Fayez1 Productions. She is also a full time faculty member of The Underground Dance Centre. Through teaching and performing, Courtney has been able to travel all across North America.

You can see her in videos for artists such as; V Sevani, Wanting Q, Diana Viselli, Ain’t No Love, and rIVerse, just to name a few. She has appeared in numerous shows, events and productions such as; Vancity Project, Urban Alchemy, Tapistry, The GREAT Campaign, Julia Tynes, Toronto Pride, Duality, Wayne Gretzky and many more live performances throughout Canada and the US. Her T.V. credits include; Canada Summer Games ceremonies, Extra, TSN, Coors Light, the Marilyn Denis Show, CP24 and CTV. Courtney has also directed, choreographed and produced over 30 sold out shows in Toronto.

Ms. Odelein is extremely grateful for the many opportunities to perform, teach, and choreograph all over North America and loves sharing her knowledge and experiences any chance she can!

1. Acro Background: After years of dancing competitively and professionally and training very athletically, I found acro as a teacher! Finally my love of the arts and passion for athleticism had combined when I found ADTA. After 5 years of immersing myself with acrodance, teaching gymnasts how to dance and dancers how to acro, I am looking forward to continuing my journey with this great syllabus!

2. Personal Motto: My personal motto is “Everything happens for a reason”, but my favourite motto to tell kids is “Don’t ask me for permission to be your best self on the dance floor,. Trust yourself, commit, and don’t apologize.”

3. Hidden Talent: I do currently live in Toronto (and have for the last 6 years), but I grew up in a tiny farming community- so, I guess a hidden talent I have is I can still drive a combine and tractor!

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