Dana Throop


Hi! My name is Dana Throop.  I was born and raised in the small town of Burford Ontario, where I started out as a figure skater, but switched to dancing when I was 13 years old. I trained in a number of studios with a variety of teachers, on into my University and College years.

I hold an Honours Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Western Ontario, a Developmental Services Diploma with an Educational Assistant Specialization from Fanshawe College, and My Bachelor of Education Degree from Queen’s University.  I currently work full time, teaching grades 7-12 in a private school linked to Behavioural Treatment Center, as well as teaching dance 4-5 days a week.

Dance wise, I have completed my Junior level ADAPT training, and my Junior/Intermediate/Advanced ADTA certifications. I have also completed my YPAD certification to complement my dance instruction and choreography.

I started actively teaching dance on my own recreationally at the age of 17 at a local community center, and never looked back. I took a break from teaching dance when I attended Teacher’s College, but quickly came to the realization that I missed dance, and, once I had secured a full-time teaching position in the Belleville area, found my niche teaching acro in two Belleville studios. I am now permanently working at the Ireland Academy of Dance, where I have been teaching for 13 years. Here I run a successful recreational and competitive acrodance program for students aged 6 through 18, along with 4 levels of stretch and strength classes, and some jazz and musical theater as well!

I have two wiener dogs named Millie and Slim (an oxymoron as she is far from slim…).  I love to ride horses in my spare time, and will someday again have my own horse (when I have free time 12).  Being around animals and being outdoors are my two grounding activities when life gets too hectic, though reading follows that in very short order.

I am very happy and proud to be part of the ADTA faculty, and look forward to the many opportunities and activities the ADTA provides!

1. Acro Background: I have been teaching acro in Belleville, ON for approximately 15 years now – the last 12 both recreationally and competitively.  I started my ADTA training in 2015, fast tracking the Junior/Intermediate courses, and completed my advanced in 2016.  I was primarily trained in jazz, tap and ballet in my younger days, but saw a niche in the area for acro. Acro has since become my passion, and my strength. 

2. Personal Motto: Dare to dream. All dreams can come true if you have the courage to follow them. & Learn from the past, live in the present, and plan for the future. 

3. Hidden Talent: I can read really, really fast. 

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