Darby Niemi

ADTA, ADAPT, AA1, YPAD, Respect in Sports, First Aid, AF

Darby has been involved in the dance/acro world for over 18 years and is known for her excellence in Acro Dance and Contemporary. She holds certifications with ADTA, ADAPT, AA1, YPAD, Respect in Sport, First Aid, and, Alixia Flexibility. She currently resides in Grande Prairie, AB where she instructs full time at DansConnection School of Performing Arts. Darby excelled as a dancer and has a few notable achievements, one of which was being selected as a dancer to represent Canada at the World Dance Symposium. However, she quickly found her true passion was teaching and choreographing in various disciplines. Darby is recognized for her innovate choreography at various competitions throughout Northern Alberta, receiving many awards annually. When it comes to the execution of any style of dance Darby is always sure to focus on creating healthy muscle recruitment patterns focusing on mobility as well as strength. Her passion for safety and polished technique within the discipline of Acro Dance lead her to a prestigious position as a faculty member and examiner with ADTA (formerly known as Acrobatique). Darby is looking forward to branching out into freelance choreography, starting her journey to complete a teaching certification in RAD Ballet, as well as take her ADV 1 RAD Ballet exam. Darby’s expertise lies in her ability to share her passion and love of dance with her dancers to help motivate them to reach their fullest potential. Darby believes great teachers never stop learning and plans to participate in continuing education yearly.

1. Acro Background: Darby was a gymnast for 8.5 years and later found her way into the dance world. Being a former-gymnast she quickly found herself excelling in the art of Acro Dance. She was a very talented acrobat, receiving many awards for her Acro Dance pieces throughout the years. Her passion and love for the art encouraged her to pursue a career as an Acro Dance educator. Darby has been teaching for 10 years now and has taught Acro Dance for 9 years; she has won many awards for her choreography and her students have received top marks for their Acro Dance skills at competitions and events throughout Northern Alberta. She is extremely dedicated to the art of Acro Dance as well as providing a strong technical foundation for her students. 

2. Personal Motto: “Keep going because you did not come this far, just to come this far.”

3. Hidden Talent: My hidden talent is always making up alternative lyrics (that I think are correct) to every song.

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