Deanna Cormier


Deanna has trained extensively in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and Acro.  She is a certified RAD Ballet, ADAPT Jazz and Tap and ADTA Junior Acro Teacher. She has completed her Advanced 2 and Grade 8 Ballet Examination (RAD) and Pre-Advanced Jazz and Tap Examinations (ADAPT).  Deanna has completed her Benesh Movement Notation certification through the RAD. Deanna has taught at various studios and schools in Ottawa, providing exceptional dance training to students of all ages and abilities. 

She has been teaching dance at St. Lawrence College since 2010.  Deanna has travelled to New Hampshire and Arizona to teach summer intensive programs.  Her choreography at dance competitions has received various high score and special awards. She has received numerous personal awards at competitions across North America, including Miss Teen CanDance, Footloose Dancer of the Year and ADA Dancer of the Year. 

Over the course of her training she has performed with Ballet Jörgens The Nutcracker and was a member of the CFL Ottawa Renegades Dance Team.  She is currently working with MindLeaps, a not-for-profit organisation staffed by dance instructors, educators, social workers, counsellors and administrators, all dedicated to building a bridge to education and positive livelihoods through dance for students in 5 African countries. 

Dance is a passion which Deanna loves to share with aspiring students in an encouraging and educational way!  

1. Acro Background: Acro wasn’t a thing that was offered growing up, so I became interested as a teacher. I noticed it popping up at competitions and thought it would be a valuable skill to offer my students.  As an ADAPT teacher, I knew the ADTA program would be the best option.

2. Personal Motto: How to have a dancer’s body.  Step 1. have a body.  Step 2. dance!

3. Hidden Talent: I am currently getting really into photography!

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