Jamie Bessant

BKin, CAT (C), FMS Certified, DNS-A

Jamie specializes in Athletic Therapy, which rehabilitates active individuals with musculoskeletal injuries. She believes in using a combination of innovative techniques that will help individuals return to normal as quickly as possible. Her extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and biomechanics allows her not only to look at the injury or past injuries but also the adaptations the body makes as a result of each injury.

Having worked in the rehabilitative side of the industry for years she’s discovered many of her clients were healthy and fit and then something happened. They were injured, suffered an accident, started a family or life simply got busy. Along the way imbalances in their body occurred changing their body‘s movement patterns – leading to re-injury, pain or discomfort.

She believes that in understanding that how people vary in body size, shape, strength, mobility, sensory acuity, cognition, experience, training, or even emotional reactions is essential for developing a program that truly works. While a good butt-kicking workout may create results for some, this is not the answer for all individuals. Often, two individuals who appear to have the same level of fitness according to typical fitness tests will not have the same results with the same exercise program.

By rethinking how health and fitness programs are delivered Jamie creates each program designed to rebalance and correct problematic, dysfunctional movement patterns to provide greater value for your health and fitness investment. Filling in the gap between the rehabilitation process and activity as a whole.

1. Acro Background: Does figure skating when I was younger count?

2. Personal Motto: A true believer that ANYTHING is possible!

3. Hidden Talent: Movement Innovation

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