Jenna Ashby


I have been a part of Giselle’s ShowTyme Dance Studio (GSD) since the age of 7 as a dancer and then I moved to Assiniboia to become a part of the teaching staff in 2012. I am a Certified ADAPT Jazz & Tap teacher, I have my Junior Level of Certification in ADTA (AcroDance Teachers Association), with my Intermediate Level in Progress, and I have my Certification in Module 1 of the Alixa Sutton Flexibility Program, and I am currently the my second year of my CBTS (Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies) with the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance). On top of that I also attended the University of Regina and received my Bachelors in Kinesiology. 

1. Acro Backgound: I did not grow up with any acro background so my main focus is to have the best understanding of how to achieve and spot each trick so I can be the best acro teacher I can be and provide the safest environment for my students. 

2. Personal Motto: My personal motto when it comes to acro is that every student needs to work to understand his or her own body. Every type of body is so capable of doing amazing things, and I strongly believe that students will reach their potential if they can understand what their body needs, what their body is naturally strong at, and where they will need to put in extra work. 

3. Hidden talent: My hidden talent is that I ambidextrous. Whether it is writing, golfing, throwing etc, I can do them equally as well with both hands! I am also pretty good pistol squats and if you ever ask me to do one, no matter the situation, you can guarantee I will! 

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