Melissa Klassen

Sports Management Degree MRU, ADAPT, NCCP Level 3, Tumbling/Trampoline Level 2, YPAD, First Aid Certified, Child Protection Certified

Melissa Klassen is an Acrobatic Dance specialist and Mentor. As creator of the Acro Dance Teachers Association, Melissa spreads her message of the importance of positive role modelling and mentorship for our youth. Melissa is a mentor, and Acro is her method.

For over 20 years, Melissa has built her career as an expert in AcroDance studio systems, safe spotting practices, injury prevention, adjudication, and positive mentorship. Melissa takes her role in helping teachers mold and develop children very seriously, and it is the backbone to all of her work.

Melissa has extensive experience helping Studio Owners and Instructors put in place Acro Systems at their studios that are safe, appropriate and fun! Melissa has helped 112 Dance Studio Owners create wildly successful acro programs, and has trained 741 Dance Teachers how to become amazing acro teachers.

Several of Melissa’s own students have gone on to fulfil exciting professional careers, but what she is most proud of, is the impact she has been able to make on her own students’ lives; as well-balanced and contributing members of society.

Melissa is proud of her communities’ accomplishments and of the positive impacts they are making in the world.

1. Acro Background: I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years, started dancing as a young adult, taught gymnastics as a young adult, then crossed over into teaching acro dance. I’ve been teaching for 23 years total, and have been teaching acro exclusively for the past 15 years.

2. Personal Motto: I am a mentor and acro is my method.

3. Hidden Talent: I can fluently speak backwards! I spent my entire childhood perfecting it (for no particular reason – just weird kid stuff. 🙂

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