Going into week 8 (or 9 or 10!) of your studio closure, couldn’t be a more important time for you to keep your energy high for your dancers.

But online classes are VERY draining, and it’s becoming more and more challenging to keep students engaged.

I know this to be true as an Acro teacher, classes are getting harder and harder, and I’m digging DEEP to keep the energy up and keep my dancers engaged.

But as a Acro teacher who is also a dance Mom … well, I couldn’t be MORE GRATEFUL for online classes for my little dancer, and for the opportunity for her to continue to flourish in her studies – not only for the physical component to maintaining her skill level, but ALSO, for all of the other life skills we are developing …

At times along this journey, I have wondered:

“Am I actually making a difference with my students”

“Are we even progressing?”

“Is this worth the time, energy and effort I’m putting in, going above and beyond making sure I have safe, effective and helpful class content for my students?”

And then I watch my daughter, dancing her 3 nights per week (almost) regular dance schedule and I realize…

I’m helping my students stay connected to their work ethic and dedication – so that they can develop their personal discipline even in times when it’s especially challenging to find their motivation.

As role models to our students, it is so important that we encourage them to maintain personal discipline – especially during times where it’s challenging to find motivation.

It can be hard for kids to motivate themselves to come to online class because it doesn’t feel “real” or necessary, like in person at the studio.

But when we encourage our students to continue to “show up” to all of their classes, it helps them further develop their work ethic, dedication to their goals, and demonstrates a respect for their teacher, their classmates, and themselves.

Continue to keep showing up for your students, encouraging them, and keeping your energy high for them.

This too shall pass – We’ll all be back in the studio eventually – and how you manage your own work ethic, motivation and energy levels right now while things are difficult, will teach your students by example how to manage their own problems in times of crisis and difficulty.

Because it’s so much more than “just teaching”.

Wishing you a wonderful week of online class with your students.

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