The “My Acro Vault” Craft & Career Program

Perfect Your Craft and advance your career… in the next 12 months

For Acro Dance teachers who are ready to start thinking long-term, and expand their teaching careers beyond the classroom.

How To Take Your Teaching Career To The Next Level In The Acro Dance Industry.

Have you mastered the basics and you’re now wondering “what’s next” for you and your teaching career in Acro Dance? Or maybe it’s time to mix things up and find some new ideas for class, but you find yourself struggling to find the time and motivation to figure out how you can reach your goals and “level up” your teaching career. 

If you know that it’s time to start thinking long-term, but you’re just not sure what to do or what that even means – then this message is just for you.

Here’s why …

You can now “borrow our choreography, variations, drills, and personal development library” and get your classes (and your career!) running like clockwork, and giving you the next-level career that you are looking for.

Get a steady stream of fresh new ideas for class, and the professional development training you need, to move into the exciting next phase of your Acro Dance teaching career!

If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

What most people do when they realize that it’s time for a long-term plan for their Acro teaching careers, is to check out what other teachers are doing to expand and think “I could do that” but don’t actually follow through on their goals … or they start checking out every app, course, or program they can find looking for the “magic bullet” solution that will propel them into a successful career … or they think maybe they’ll just “get lucky” and better opportunities will show up eventually if they’re just patient … or they even try to “attract”, or “will it” it into their lives instead of learning the skills they need to make it happen … the list goes on and on. But for most people, none of that works.

  • They believe that there is a secret short cut to achieving their professional goals faster and easier that they just haven’t heard of yet.
  • They believe the ‘just work harder’ hype, and think that the right opportunities will come to them if they just put in more hours, prove themselves more, and bend over backwards to impress … then wonder why they are so burnt out and no better off financially than they were before.
  • They allow themselves to be pressured into trying every Acro trick that’s trending regardless of whether or not it’s what’s best for their students … because they haven’t yet found the way to confidently incorporate less difficult, but still fantastic variations, that are fun AND realistic for their students.
  • And most people just don’t have the time it takes to research what’s new and trending in the Acro Dance industry on a regular basis (an extra 2-3 hours per week!) They are busy enough trying to keep on top of their own schedules – and trying to balance their classes, lesson planning, and choreography, let alone trying to find the time to work on expanding their own personal and professional development …

And what happens if you just do nothing about this? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? Nothing, and you continue to go to class each week, with no new ideas, and feeling guilty because you know you need to get a better handle on planning, expanding your career, and managing your work/life balance.



How I Can Solve Your Boring Classes & long term plan Problem

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story: I have been teaching Acro Dance for a really long time, and although I love it, and I’ve always loved it, I was starting to feel FRUSTRATED and VERY BORED teaching the same old things all the time – and between trying to expand my professional life – and always feeling like my classes were boring and stale – I knew I needed to come up with a better way for keeping my lessons progressive and exciting, while still making space for my own personal and professional development.  And I just didn’t have the time or bandwidth anymore to spend hours upon hours each week researching new ideas to keep my Acro classes fresh and current.

And, although I was doing a good job of teaching my acrobats their tricks, I really didn’t have a good system for getting new ideas for my classes, and they were starting to get repetitive for my students AND for me … I was completely burnt out, overwhelmed, and my passion was fading quickly.

And my students (and their Moms!) are all on social media, and they know what’s “cool and trending” … they were constantly asking me to try different variations in class – I knew they were getting bored of the “same old, same old”, but realistically, there were a LOT of tricks and variations they wanted to try that just weren’t realistic for their skill level.

Every week, I’d vow to myself that I would get organzed, and finally spend some extra time researching new ideas for class and choreography, only to feel guilty in class knowing that I didn’t have anything new for them again.

Not to mention, I still really wanted to have the time to work on myself too! Learning new strategies for personal and professional development were important to me.

Then I had an idea:

“What if I reached out to some of my friends in the industry, no more than half a dozen of the most talented Acro teachers, choreographers, and personal development coaches that I know, all with a different style, approach, and skill set, and see if I could curate some new and doable ideas for my classes AND personal development – kill two birds with one stone!

“What if I could draw some new inspiration from THEIR ideas and what THEY were working on, to be able to breathe new life into my own classes?”

“What if we could pool our ideas, and pull together a bank of the best possible content, to have ready and waiting for when we’re drawing a blank and just need a good idea quickly?”

And that’s EXACTLY how I created the one and only “MY ACRO VAULT Craft and Career program”!

And now, I have a bank of fresh new ideas, the tools I need to expand my career, and  my financial future is bright, because I learned the skills I needed to expand and go bigger in the Acro Dance industry.

It Worked For Me, And It Will Work For You Too!

Here’s what it did for me … it crushed my teacher burnout … reignited my passion for teaching … got me focused and organized … up leveled my Acro choreography … gave me rocket fuel to launch out in my career … and got me achieving real results in my classes AND my professional career.

And it’s not just me. Here’s what it is doing for others …

“What Melissa Klassen has created … there is SO much valuable information – both on a personal level AND a professional level, and is exactly what we all need right now. It’s brilliant!”

Sarah Smith Podollan

The “V.A.U.L.T” Framework – the secret to your success

All of the modules inside of the “My Acro Vault Career & Choreography Course” are categorized according to the “Vault” framework, which include:

V: Variations (and new ideas for tricks of all levels)

A: Achievements (ways to celebrate and acknowledge yours and your students’ successes)

U: Uniqueness (unique ideas for transitions, choreography and stage presence)

L: Lifelong Learning (so that you have the tools you need to expand your personal development and professional career)

T: Technique (so that you have the right drills and progressions for the most technical Acro Dance tricks: Aerials, Front Aerials, and Back Handsprings)

Here’s what you’ll get included with your registration:

  • Instructions on how to get started
  • The “V.A.U.L.T” Framework to follow
  • 10 teacher training video modules
  • Fillable workbooks for each module, so you can do the work along with the videos
  • On demand access for 12 months

Check out all of the modules included in the “My Acro Vault online course”:

  1. How To Structure Acro Dance Routines/Choreography (Life-long Learning)
  2. Perfect Variations For All Levels (Variations)
  3. Unique Transitions For Acro Dance (Uniqueness)
  4. Dancer Achievements (Achievements)
  5. All About Front Aerials (Technique)
  6. The Art Of Organization (Lifelong Learning)
  7. Personal Branding (Lifelong Learning)
  8. Variations For Small Spaces (Variations)
  9. Breaking Down Back Handsprings (Technique)
  10. Unique Strategies For Stage Presence (Uniqueness)

    My Acro Vault is an amazing resource for me and my dancers. The extra tips and videos breaking down Aerials and Back Handsprings are so helpful, the variations are an exciting challenge for my acrobats, and the career-building and choreography resources help to keep me ahead of the curve.

    Desirae Graham

    Finally, It’s Your Turn

    Here’s what you’ll get to create/do when you sign up for the “My Acro Vault” program today …

    • You’ll have a bank of new ideas to freshen up your Acro classes and make them new again.
    • You’ll finally be able to take a break from YouTube and social media research!
    • You’ll get clever new ideas for tricks in small spaces for in-studio and online classes.
    • You’ll learn how to put a system in place to streamline your time management and productivity.
    • You’ll learn the power of professional branding and gain practical tools to get started.
    • You’ll get helpful classroom tools for tracking your students’ goals and achievements.
    • BONUS: You’ll get the “Aerials Done Right” online course for Acro teachers.
    • You will … in other words … breath new life into your Acro Dance program, bring clarity and balance to your life, and expand your career in the Acro Dance industry with your new secret weapon – the “MY ACRO VAULT Craft & Career online program!

    That’s right – this is a program that, if I offered it on a one-to-one basis, would cost a minimum of $10,000 … but it’s yours for a fraction of that amount.

    And you are 100% safe to try this out. That’s all I’m suggesting. Just try it for 7 days to see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted – and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen. If for some reason you’re not delighted with how many amazing new ideas you’ve been able to work into your classes, and how much you’ve been able to streamline your life and career, then just let me know within the first 7 days – and I’ll be happy to offer you a refund. 

    You just ask for a full refund and cancel your program. We’ll still be friends. But, I know you’re going to love it…

    Check out this amazing bonus!

    “The Aerials Done Right” Online COURSE

    Learn how to teach Aerials to your students with the “Aerials Done Right” online course, so that you have the FORMULA for how to teach Aerials the right way.

    $800 Value

    It’s Decision time

    You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go? Take a new action and get a new result.

    Finally get your teaching career – the career that you know you need to finally take control of  – running world-class professional, with a steady stream of new content … a fresh and new direction for your classes and choreography, and the kind of career and income you’ve been “paying your dues” for all this time… and all as soon as you dive in!

    Which do you really want for yourself?

    Here’s what to do now … just click on the button below to sign up, and gain immediate access to the My Acro Vault Craft & Career Program.

    So cheers, to your personal and professional success. See you on the inside teachers!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this program the right choice for me?

    If you are an experienced Acro teacher and need new ideas for class, and for expanding your professional development and income this program is exactly what you need.

    What is included in the program?

    All of the modules inside of the “My Acro Vault” program are categorized according to the “V.A.U.L.T” framework, which include:

    V: Variations (and new ideas for tricks)

    A: Achievements (celebrating yours and your students’ successes)

    U: Uniqueness (unique ideas for transitions, choreography and stage presence)

    L: Lifelong Learning (so that you are always learning and expanding yourself)

    T: Technique (so that you have proper technical information)

    Here’s what you’ll get included with your registration:

    • Instructions on how to get started
    • The “V.A.U.L.T” Framework to follow
    • 10 teacher training video modules
    • Fillable workbooks for each module, so you can do the work along with the video modules
    • On demand access for 12 months

    When does this program start and finish?

    The My Acro Vault framework is a self-paced 12 month access program and starts as soon as you register and dive into the work.

    Modules can be completed at your own pace and in the order that makes the most sense for you and your needs.

    What if I am unhappy with the program?

    Quality is our top-priority: if you are unhappy with the program, email us at [email protected] within 7 days for a full refund.

    *Please note that fluctuations in exchange rates, and your bank’s currency exchange fees, are out of our control; the ADTA is not responsible for any discrepancy in purchase vs. refund amount.

    I am a Studio Owner, can I sign up my teachers?

    Yes! Several Studio Owners sign up their teachers for the My Acro Vault program. Anything that helps your Acro teacher with Acro class is great for the studio!

    The My Acro Vault program is available for everyone.

    Do I obtain official ADTA certification from this program?

    No, this program is a resource outside of our certification program for additional Acro classroom content and personal development.

    Check out the “Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance” to start your ADTA Certification.

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