Need Jazz and Tap teachers’ certification and syllabus work for all levels?

The ADTA syllabus and certification program is designed to work side-by-side with your ADAPT Jazz curriculum at the studio!

The ADTA utilizes the ADAPT syllabus work for the across the floor Acro+Dance combinations in the syllabus!

ADTA Teachers who wish to certify in the Junior division of the ADAPT program will receive a $100 rebate towards their ADAPT tuition fee.

ADAPT Certification: http://tts.adaptsyllabus.com/

ADAPT Syllabus: http://adaptsyllabus.training

Are you ready to take your early childhood program to the next level in development, curriculum, and additional classes/programming for your studio?

DiscoverDance has teamed up with ADTA to bring you a complete conceptual acro dance program for the early years.

All ADTA members are entitled to receive $50 off the Foundations Course for Early Childhood Dance Educators. This self-paced, online course studies the developing child, the conceptual approach to dance education, and the unique DiscoverDance methodology so you can deliver your early childhood acro program with confidence!

Are you in need of the perfect Acro class uniforms for your classroom?

Revolution Dancewear is the official costume provider for the ADTA.

Uniforms are designed to perfectly match your ADTA Junior, Intermediate and Advanced syllabus classes, keeping your students looking professional,  and your program branding on point!

Revolution Dancewear – ADTA Dresscode:

Are you looking for Acro costumes that you can rely on?

10th House costumes are designed specifically to accommodate the unique needs of your Acro Dance choreography on stage.

Your beautiful acrobats deserve beautiful costumes, and the ADTA Acro Dancer line with 10th House, will showcase your students with flair!

10th House – ADTA Costuming COMING SOON!

Do you Want to be part of a dynamic community and contribute to its growth?

En Piste brings together all players in the circus arts sector and ensures its development. Our alliance is all about circus and innovation. In consultation with the community, we work tirelessly to ensure the circus arts sector’s development. By forming a united, strong and consistent front, we are best able to represent our interests, develop the art form, and support professional development. Together, let’s show our determination to have a flourishing sector.

Become a member of the National Circus Arts Alliance: