The Advanced Syllabus & Certification Program

The final Division of Acro dance certification

Are you ready to give your students the highest level of training there is to have a professional career?

You have students who are really excelling, and you need to be able to provide them with Advanced-level skills. But, we understand it can feel like quite the leap to take your Acro program all the way to the Advanced level.

There’s no reason that only a select few should get to have the knowledge and training to produce professional-level acrobats.

All dedicated professionals (like yourself!) are more than capable of going all the way and learning everything there is to Acro, REGARDLESS of whether or not you learned these tricks as a student.

Like, you, we know that Advanced Acro needs to be safe, easy to learn, and easy to implement.

  • Our Advanced work and Advanced teachers certification course has produced professional teachers around the world.
  • Many students who train with our Advanced system continue on to have professional careers in the industry.
  • Teachers who have gone through our Advanced Program are well-known for producing high-level, injury-free acrobats.

What’s Included In ADTA Advanced Syllabus & Certification?

This program is an Advanced-level Teachers Certification program, and syllabus for students that have completed the Intermediate Syllabus.

It includes:

  • The Advanced syllabus (3+ years of student work)
  • The Senior Male Acrobat skill set
  • The Advanced Textbook
  • The Advanced syllabus video tutorials
  • Monthly classroom lesson plans
  • Monthly Teachers training modules
  • Student progress charts
  • Weekly coaching via Zoom
  • The online class community via private Facebook group
  • Achievement pins (pins ordered separately)
  • Your own personal Advanced mentor
  • Official Advanced certification

How Does Advanced Teacher’s Certification Work?

Teacher’s certification is a practical-based, online  certification course. 

Teacher’s implement the course materials with their students in the classroom. The Advanced program takes between 1 months – 3 years to complete depending on your students ability, and your experience level.

Certifying teachers must have an “implementation class” to learn how to teach and spot the Advanced Syllabus content.

Teachers utilize the monthly classroom lesson plans and Advanced Syllabus bundle materials. They receive monthly teachers’ lessons, weekly coaching calls, and a personal mentor as they work through the certification course material.

Throughout the year, teachers submit video of themselves teaching and spotting each trick to the ADTA official evaluator.

Timely feedback is given, and teachers can apply corrections, where needed, throughout the year. Final Advanced certification is granted once all Advanced trick videos are submitted and marked.

Members recieve free updates whenever syllabus revisions take place, and do not pay yearly dues/fees.

Pre-Requisite To Certifying In The Advanced Division


*Pre-Requisite: Although everyone who is a part of the Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance has access to the Advanced course materials, you may only submit for Intermediate certification if you have completed your Junior and Intermediate Certifications, or if you qualify for the Fast Track Method.

Contact the office if you would like to submit for the Fast Track program: [email protected]

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