The Junior Membership

The ADTA JUNIOR Syllabus + Junior Teacher’s Online Certification Course

You KNOW you need a great Acro program and certification.

But with so many variables to figure out, including financial and time commitments, you may be feeling too overwhelmed and under-qualified to even start. This is just plain wrong, because no one should feel like they can’t offer acro classes just because they’re not sure of what to do, or how to get started.

Like you, we care about acro classes that are well-organized, safe, and get results.

Don’t fall behind the industry, or allow your students to go elsewhere to get their acro training. Do it right, and offer an acro program at your studio that actually works, by implementing our proven formula.

More than 10,000 students worldwide are getting results from our system.
It is used at dance studios in 15 countries around the world.
We are preferred partners and colleagues with several of the industry’s most-trusted organizations: Revolution, DSOA, IDEA, ADAPT, DSO, YPAD, TwinkleStar, DTW, and En Piste: the Circus Arts National Network.

What’s Included In the ADTA Junior Membership?

Everything you need to have an acro program that gets great results, is fun for students and teachers, prevents injuries, and makes sense in a studio that already has a great dance program and is ready to level-up.

This program is a Junior-level studio syllabus for students ages 6 and up. It includes the Junior syllabus (3 years of student work), textbook, syllabus video tutorials, monthly lesson plans, student progress charts, achievement pins (pins ordered separately), and Junior certification for one teacher.

Additional teachers may certify from the same studio for an additional ‘tuition only’ fee. 

How Does Teacher’s Certification Work?

One Junior teachers certification spot is included with your Junior membership.

Teacher’s certification is a one-year, practical-based, online  certification course.

Certifying teachers must have a beginner “implementation class” to learn how to teach and spot the Junior Syllabus content.

Teachers utilize the monthly classroom lesson plans and Junior Syllabus materials. They receive monthly teachers’ lessons, weekly coaching calls, and a personal mentor as they work through the certification course material.

Throughout the year, teachers are required to submit video of themselves teaching and spotting each trick to the ADTA official evaluator. Timely feedback is given, and teachers can apply corrections, where needed, throughout the year.

Final Junior certification is granted once all Junior trick videos are submitted and marked. Teachers are then granted permission to certify in the Intermediate Division.

Additional teachers from the same studio may certify at a “certification only” tuition fee.

Members recieve free updates whenever syllabus revisions take place, and do not pay yearly dues/fees.

So, how do you get started? That’s easy:

Step #1: Put a beginner acro class on your schedule. (This will be your “Implementation Class.”)

Step #2: Register for the Junior Membership start the online certification class, and start implementing our proven formula in your Implementation Class.

Step #3: Get massive results with your students, WHILE achieving your ADTA Junior certification!

Ready to transform from the studio with no acro system or qualified teachers, to the studio with the best acro program your area?

Success stories from some of our teachers

Veronica Glasner:
Kindergarten Teacher and Acro Instructor

The Perfect Studio Business Strategy—How Miss Veronica Was Recruited To Spearhead Her Owner’s New Acro Program!—READ MORE...

Well, as if being recruited out of nowhere wasn’t enough of an honour for this former acro dancer and gymnast, Miss Veronica is now the DIRECTOR OF ACRO at her studio, owned and operated by a VERY clever business woman, and now friend.

Miss Veronica didn’t jump into teaching fresh off the heels of a dance career like most teachers begin.

She was flat out RECRUITED by a local dance studio owner, who recognized that training her OWN teacher was the way to go if she wanted a good system and a well-trained teacher to run her program.

Having a background in gymnastics and being a Kindergarten teacher, Veronica was a great choice because of her background with gymnastics and kids.

Quickly it became pretty clear to Veronica and her Studio Owner that Veronica would need a good system and certification to be able to grow the program in the best possible way.

Check out how this GENIOUS studio strategy unfolded …

And where is Miss Veronica’s program now?

It’s DOUBLED in the first year, and is set to quadruple in the second year! Not bad for two years!

Jessica Maxwell:
New Studio Owner & Teacher

How Studio Owner Miss Jessica Became an Acro Teacher Even With Zero Experience—READ MORE...

Meet Jessica Maxwell.

This year was her first FULL year as both a Studio Owner and a new Acro teacher.

When Jessica started her new acro program from SCRATCH last September, she had NO IDEA how it was going to go, and if her students would even like acro …?

Things are a LOT different now.

Her students are super keen and are LOVING acro!

In one dance season she’s got them starting from the beginning and they’re all learning together.

She is feeling really confident as a new Acro teacher, and her students are working at a great pace.

Now she knows WHAT to teach and WHEN to teach it.

Check out how she did it and how it can work for you too!

Marena De La Parra:
New Studio Owner & Teacher

Strict About Structure, and Meticulous About Technique - How New Acro Teacher Miss Marena Is Doing It RIGHT!—READ MORE...

Miss Marena is an amazing Studio Owner and new Acro Teacher!

She also happens to be the only studio offering a proper acro dance program in Tijuana, Mexico.

Miss Marena happens to be very particular about proper technique and building her acro program properly from the ground up.

As you can image, she’s growing VERY FAST, and her students are super keen…

So she needed a good acro program because of the demand at her studio.

Concerned about the safety of her students, and not sure if she was doing it right or not – she needed a guide.

Her students love the step-by-step approach that she has implemented, and are loving learning tricks!

Marena loves the structure of working from set lesson plans, and it is keeping her students and classes well structured where they didn’t have direction before this year.

She feels feeling super confident in her acro teaching abilities now.

This is the beginning of an AMAZING acro program for her … and the bonus – she’s FIRST in her area to get it right…


Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about online certification

Online Certification is the way to go if you want to master the art of Acro Dance while working with a group of students in your studio OVER TIME, and with a COACH, allowing you to gain confidence and mastery as you go. Online

Certification is also great if travel expenses and a busy schedule are preventing you from certifying in-person, or if the thought of learning 3+ years of student work in 2-3 days overwhelms you.

Is this program right for me?

This program is right for you if you are ready to dig in, stay focused and learn acro dance properly.

This is not a “learn acro in a weekend” course; this is a hands-on, year-long coaching program, and is only for dance professionals who are serious about learning acro properly and safely.

If you are looking for a quick certification fix, this program isn’t for you. However, if you’re ready to put in the work and learn acro the right way, you will gain massive results with this program, and you’ll set yourself up for a very successful career as an acro professional.

This program is life-changing and is for committed applicants only.

Do I have to pay annual fees? And what about revisions to the syllabus?

Once a member, always a member! All Junior members receive updates and revisions FREE of charge! 

No annual fees/dues are required.

How long is the Junior certification course, and how does it work?

The Junior Certification Course is a one year “learn how to teach Junior-level Acro” coaching program.

Month 1 is preparation month; months 2-11, you will implement course work with your “implementation class” at your studio, with the coaching of ADTA Founder Melissa Klassen and her team of expert faculty.

Each month, you’ll receive a Teacher Lesson, “how-to” trick tutorials, and a Classroom Lesson Plan as you learn exactly how to teach and spot all skills in the Division.

As you learn, you can jump into our WEEKLY coaching calls to get all your questions answered. For that extra bit of support, request your own PERSONAL MENTOR for additional help as you are certifying.

In order to complete official certification, you will submit videos of you teaching and spotting each trick in the Junior Division, and will receive feedback for each submission.

You will learn the Division in one year, and then can take as long as you need to complete your video submissions to receive certification.

Can I skip the Junior Certification and start with Intermediate or Advanced instead?

The Junior Certification process is KEY, because this is where you learn the technical foundation that will allow your acrobats to be successful in ALL levels.

We require that you work with a group of beginner acrobats, and implementing everything you are learning here with them.

Anyone may purchase any of the membership packages (Junior, Intermediate or Advanced) however you cannot submit for certification until the level previous is complete.

What Is The Fast Track Program?

The Fast Track Program is a way for experienced acro teachers to certify in more than one division at a time.

In order to qualify, you must have at least five years experience as a teacher of Acro Dance/acrobatics (or seven years experience if you want to Fast-Track all the way through to the Advanced level).

You must also have students training at the level(s) you wish to certify in.

To apply, email office@acrodanceteachersassociation.com with your resume (detailing your dance, Acro Dance, and acrobatics experience), and a reference letter(s) from your studio owner and/or studio clients.

Your resume and reference letter(s) are due within one week of your registration.

What's your refund policy?

We have a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee if you aren’t happy with your Online Certification experience.

Please email us at office@acrodanceteachersassociation.com if you are not completely satisfied and would like a refund on your tuition fee.

*Please note that the ADTA is not responsible for keeping track of discounts that you qualify for. It is your responsibility to ask and refunds will not be given outside of 30 days for discounts/scholarships not claimed.

*Please note that fluctuations in exchange rates, and your bank’s currency exchange fees, are out of our control; the ADTA is not responsible for any discrepancy in purchase vs. refund amount.

Can I take the Intermediate course before I complete my Junior Certification?

While anyone may purchase any membership certification program, teachers cannot submit for certification in Intermediate or Advanced levels before completing certification in the level previous, unless they qualify for the Fast Track Method.

Is there a minimum age to take the course?

Yes, all teachers must be a minimum of age 17 at the time of registration. Teachers who register before they are 17 will not be granted ADTA certification.

I'm a studio owner and I'd like two or more of my teachers to get certified.

Additional teachers from the same studio pay a “certification only” tuition fee. Studio’s can submit as many teachers as they want for certification at the tuition only fee. Please contact the office to register additional teachers.

What If I already own the Junior Syllabus but I haven't certified yet?

No problem. As a current Junior Syllabus owner, you will only need to register for the Junior course and pay the Junior tuition fee. Please contact us in the office to register for “tuition only”: office@acrodanceteachersassociation.com

*Please note that the ADTA is not responsible for keeping track of discounts that you qualify for. It is your responsibility to ask and refunds will not be given outside of 30 days for discounts/scholarships not claimed.

What if I already certified at a past live course, and I want to join the Junior membership??

All past, live certifying teachers are invited to refresh their certification with the Junior online class.

The refresher rate is a one-time fee of $99 USD, which gets you life time access to the Junior syllabus, teachers course content, and free updates and revisions. Please contact us in the office to get a refresher rate coupon code.

*Please note that the ADTA is not responsible for keeping track of discounts that you qualify for. It is your responsibility to ask and refunds will not be given outside of 30 days for discounts/scholarships not claimed.

How do I submit for Junior Certification?

When you register for the Junior membership, you will be asked what the name of the certifying teacher is.

This may be you, or your designated teacher at the studio.

Either way, please indicate the name of the certifying teacher when registering. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Reach out to us within 30 days if you aren’t completely satisfied and we’ll issue you a refund.

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