When Hard Work And Technique Come Together

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As acro teachers, we look forward to working with that student who has IT ALL! Strength, flexibility, grace… this student is not just a privilege to teach, but is a dream to work with for choreography!

But, have you ever had a moment (or many moments…) where it feels like your students are stuck doing the same things?

Strength, flexibility, and technique drills… over and over again… with what feels like minimal progress.

Don’t worry- you aren’t alone!

Take it from me: That strong, flexible, & graceful acrobat does not develop overnight. It doesn’t just take a few classes for that student to become la crème de la crème.

It takes YEARS.

So, how do you get that amazing acrobat?

It starts from the beginning. Most students come to us with something that they struggle with, whether that be strength, flexibility, or all-around technique!

Because we are good teachers and want them to be the absolute best they can be, we pinpoint what our students need to work on and continue to help them improve.

And we keep working those areas that need work… for as long as it takes!

Many of our students will not become that “all-star acrobat” that we all love to work with, but they will have achieved the absolute best acrobat they can be because we cared about making sure that they received the best training possible.

So, keep working those strength, flexibility, and technique drills, over and over again, with, perhaps, minimal but IMPORTANT progress.

Why? Because when hard work and technique FINALLY come together, it is SO rewarding to see our students achieve their best, no matter what that looks like.

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