Acro Dance Classroom Curriclum & Teacher’s Training Program

We help our members learn how to teach and spot Acro Dance, then give them the system, syllabus, and support to implement it in the classroom.

 Learn, practice, and master teaching Acro, in our Premiere Comprehensive Program For Acro Dance.

Imagine all the benefits of having the right system for teaching Acro Dance

  • Your dancers more consistently getting their tricks.
  • Acro classes that are organized and run smoothly.
  • Better results from your students.
  • Saving time in your classes.
  • Students that are excited about working on the basics before big tricks.
  • More credibility for you as an acro teacher.
  • Better overall dancers.
  • Beautiful acro dance tricks to use in your choreography.

We'll do the heavy lifting by showing you...

  • Our formula for getting maximum results from your students.
  • How to ensure consistent, good technique in your tricks.
  • How to make your classes seamless and organized, even with diffferent ages and abilities in your classes.
  • How to get your students to respect you.
  • What equipment will help, and what equipment is not necessary.
  • How to get buy in from students and parents.
  • How to communicate to your Studio Owner how she can support you and your acro program.

Your success using my proven method

Get better results and streamline your classes! I’ve spent the last 25 years building and perfecting my method, and now I’m offering you the chance to benefit from the experience and time I’ve spent building a world-class system that gets RESULTS!

Looking to benefit from my 25 years of experience? Look no further, I’ve done all the work for you!

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