How To Become an ADTA Testing Day Examiner And Increase Your Freelance Services

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How do you achieve a reasonable amount of progress with your Acro Dancers when you only get them for one or two hours of training per week…?

How do you keep track of them all while working at an efficient pace each year when you have so many of them, and they are all working to different levels?

The secret to getting maximum results from your acrobats and keep them motivated throughout the year is the goal of an annual exam or “Testing Day.”

And certifying teachers of the Acro Dance Teachers Association are able to, not only hold an annual “Testing Day” each year for their acrobats with their free Testing Day Bundle, they are also able to become an ADTA Testing Day Examiner!

ADTA Acro Dance Testing is designed to encourage students to set and achieve annual goals, work at a high personal standard, and develop much stronger Acro Dance technique than they otherwise would …

So, here’s how it works:

Students are evaluated by either their Acro teacher, or by an outside Acro professional of your choice.

No more expensive examiners fees, travel costs, or saying no to students that don’t have their tricks perfected come exam day …

Similar to a Karate Belt Test, the ADTA Testing Day Process is designed to be accessible to all Acro Dance students and is completed “in house”.

In the ADTA Testing Day Bundle, we supply you with all of the information you need to be able to successfully conduct your OWN annual Acro Testing Day.

Items covered in each exam come straight from the syllabus and includes: Strength and flexibility, body positions, theory, tricks and partnering, and across the floor progressions. 

And as we know – not every student becomes a professional acrobat, or will achieve every trick in each level of the syllabus …

But they LOVE Acro, and we don’t want them to feel like they aren’t good enough just because they can’t do a back walkover, or an aerial, or a back handspring come exam day …

… Which is why we developed the ADTA Testing Day Bundle, so that you can hold annual exams/testing with ALL your acrobats each year, regardless of what they can or can’t do come exam day.

The ADTA Testing Day Bundle allows teachers to tailor the exam to their students’ individual skill levels – every student deserves to have the opportunity to participate in an annual Testing Day.

The exam process has now turned into a celebration of what students CAN do rather than what they can’t quite do yet.

This is where YOU come in –

If a studio wants to hire an examiner from outside the studio to evaluate their students on Testing Day, they can look through the ADTA Testing Day Evaluators Directory and find someone who lives near them to hire as their examiner.

Testing Day Evaluators are Acro Dance teachers who are comfortable with their knowledge in one, two, or all three ADTA levels (Junior, Intermediate and Advanced) and can evaluate the technique of a studio’s Acro Dancers.

And because we lay this out for you so well in the Testing Day Bundle, any teacher that has been through the ADTA program would be qualified to examine Acro Dancers.

If you are in the ADTA certification program, would like to expand your freelance work, and give back to the industry as an examiner, reach out to us at office@acrodanceteacherassociation.com to get on the FREE ADTA Directory as a Testing Day Examiner.

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