Roll-Over Bridge Breakdown: The Four Step System for Roll-Over Bridges

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Roll-over Bridges (Tinsica’s) are one of the most technical tricks to teach and spot. Starting from “knee-to-knee), we break down Roll-over Bridges into 4 easy steps to help your students achieve it in a simple and logical way:

Step #1: “Bridge Inside Out With a Double Leg Jump”
Step #2: “Jump Into The Bridge”
Step #3: “Dart Out Of The First Leg”
Step #4: “Connecting All Elements (without a bridge)”

Once your students reach Step #4 you can spot the Roll-over Bridge to connect all of the elements, until your students are are ready to try it by themselves.

Check out Miss Melissa teach little Lauren a Roll-over Bridge for her first time, and watch how this trick will unfold for you and your students when you teach it in the studio.

Work the ADTA 4-Step System for Roll-over Bridges and develop a technically sound foundation for variations and choreography.

Click the image below to watch the full video!

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