How To Help Students With Shoulder Flexibility – At Home!

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Do you have students who have tight shoulders and might be struggling with tricks like Bridge Recovers and Back Walkovers?

In these tricks, shoulders need to be stacked over wrists – if you’re tight in the shoulders, this can be hard to accomplish!

Luckily, there are some simple home-stretches you can do each day to improve your shoulder flexibility and your acro ability in general!

Here are three of our favourites:  

Stretch #1: Hold onto the barre and walk your legs back so your back is parallel to the floor. With your legs apart, and sticking your seat out, keep your elbows close together here, and sink your chest down to the floor. When you’re practicing at home, you can use a countertop or table instead of the barre.

Stretch #2: Place the inside of your arm flat against a wall, shoulder height to start. Walk your hand up the wall and feel the stretch change.

Stretch #3: Stand with your legs apart and interlace your fingers behind your back. Bend over and let your arms reach up to your head. Keep arms engaged in this position to keep the stretch in your shoulders and ensure you aren’t putting pressure on your elbow joint.

You can also track your shoulder flexibility by performing a bridge at the wall, and seeing how close your armpits are to the wall. As you work on these stretches at home and your shoulder flexibility improves, your armpits will get closer and closer to the wall!

These stretches are a simple and easy way for your students to continue their training safely at home!

Happy stretching!

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