What Is Acro Dance?

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So, what is Acro Dance exactly? Why does It matter? Is it just about the tricks?

I can tell you – if Acro Dance were about the tricks, we would be gymnasts. Acro Dance is definitely NOT about turning dancers into gymnasts!

If acro dancers were gymnasts, they would be focused primarily on sticking their landings out of tricks flawlessly or balancing perfectly on a balance beam. They would be working for a seamless floor routine and ironing out every kink possible in a trick.

Acro Dance is none of these things. Why? Because our dancers are not just athletes, they are a unique mix of athlete AND artist!

Dancing is about bringing thoughts, feeling, and emotions to life, and acro dance is a method to express this! Just like in jazz where a pirouette adds so much more to a routine, so does a back-walkover. And just like that pirouette can have so much more meaning in a routine than simply being a pirouette, so will that back-walkover.

“Acro Dance is an art form that incorporates both the fluid movements of dance and the difficult tricks from acrobatics. Dancers not only learn how to execute each acro move with strength, flexibility and technique, but also learn to perform each trick seamlessly through choreographed routines…” – Acro Dance Teachers Association

As teachers, we want to give our students the best training we have to offer, which is why making sure that we can teach acro properly and efficiently is so important!

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