The Do’s and Don’ts of Additional Acro Training

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Are you a student who’s eager to get more acro training, above and beyond your regular weekly class? That’s great: it means you’re excited about your acro education, and want to put in more work to get more results!

However, it’s not just about how much you train – you want to make sure all your training is consistent with the technique your teacher is using at your studio. Otherwise, your extra training could actually be working against you!

If you either: 1. practice tricks on your own (in a studio or on your trampoline) OR 2. attend gymnastics workshops for additional training, I want you to keep reading: Let’s discuss why these aren’t always the greatest options for additional training, and some alternatives that will be much more beneficial for you!

#1: Solo Training

If you want to practice a particular acro trick on your own, always check with your teacher first and see if it’s safe and smart to do so. If you haven’t perfected a trick yet, and practice it over and over again, you could pick up “bad habits” that can’t be corrected without your teacher present. Then, you’ll have to spend your time in class correcting these habits.

You also don’t want to practice any acro on the trampoline – the bounce of the trampoline changes the technique of your tricks, which will make it harder for you to transition back to the studio floor in class.

#2: Gymnastics (even if it’s a “Gymnastics for Dancers” Workshop)

Although gymnastics and Acro Dance both contain several of the same tricks, the techniques of these two genres are very different. It will be challenging for you to switch back and forth between gymnastics technique at the gym club, and acro technique at the studio.

“So, where should I receive extra training?”

Reach out to your teacher if you want additional training opportunities! Ask about Private Lessons, or a workshop that follows the same technique as your weekly acro class. If a training opportunity comes up that you’re interested in, run it past your teacher before signing up. Remember, she wants you to succeed just as much as you do, so keep her in the loop to make sure you are getting the best-possible training!

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