Why Acro Dress Code is so Helpful in Acro Class

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We get it: it can be a lot to keep track of dress codes for each of your dancer’s classes, and make sure you have the right gear for each class. If you’re wondering how to set your dancer up for success in acro, it really does start with dress code – read on and we’ll explain why!

#1: Hair

You’ll want to make sure your dancer has her hair pulled back and out of the way for acro class, so that it doesn’t become a hindrance or get in her way. The best hair solution often depends on your individual dancer and her hair. For example, very long hair does best in a bun so that it doesn’t get stepped on. Shorter hair will be just fine in a ponytail. It may take a couple weeks for your dancer to figure out what works best – if you’re not sure what’s working and what isn’t, your dancer’s acro teacher will have the answer!

#2: Attire

For acro, form-fitting dancewear works best. This is because of all the upside-down work that happens in class. Your dancer will feel more secure, and stay covered, if she’s wearing something that stays in place, no matter what trick she’s working on! A bodysuit and shorts is often the best solution. During Acrobatique exams, students wear a black bodysuit, black shorts, and beige footless tights, and we see success in studios that also adhere to this dress code for their weekly classes.

#3: Bare Feet

Jazz shoes and half soles are meant to reduce friction between your dancer’s foot and the floor. This is great for jazz class, but in acro, these shoes result in slipping. The solution: bare feet! Bonus – this means you don’t have to buy a new pair of dance shoes for acro class!

#4: Jewelry

Jewelry and acro class don’t mix well. For the safety of your dancer, her jewelry, and her acro teacher, it’s best to leave jewelry safe at home 🙂

Being in the proper “acro gear” will put your dancer into “acro mode,” and help her feel like a professional at the dance studio. And that’s when she can really put her focus into learning, growing, and perfecting her AcroDance abilities!

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